My Cat’s Hair Is Everywhere

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, discusses ways to get ahead in the battle of cat-hair cleanup.

Q: My home and clothes have cat hair everywhere. What can I do?

A: Good question! Haven’t we all had this happen? We leave the house wearing a nice outfit only to discover later that it is covered in cat hair. I remember I had to go directly to a special dinner after a cat-care visit because I did not have time to run home to change. So, there I was in a dinner outfit wondering how I was going to do this without getting hair all over me. Fortunately, I carry a small lint roller with me because I know my furry charges love to greet me with welcoming rubs.

Anyway, I rolled up the legs of my pants suit before entering the apartment of Angel and Phoebe — luckily, no one was in the hallway to see me. Once inside I must have been quite a sight, dancing around trying to avoid two kitties who just wanted to share the love. I managed to complete my tasks of giving them food, fresh water and litter without getting a mountain of hair on my suit, but I did have my handy-dandy lint roller to clean up any spots. Never leave home without one!

Good grooming, such as daily brushing, helps control hair problems with both long-haired and short-haired cats, and believe it or not, you may have more problems with your short-haired kitties. I have observed that their undercoat has more body oil (because it is closer to the skin) and is harder to clean up. The oil makes it cling more and that means more can adhere to your furniture, carpets and clothes. Cat hair is less likely to stick to woven fabrics, denim and leather (though leather furniture could show nail marks from cats jumping on and off.)

Wood and tile floors are much easier to clean than carpet, especially if you use a microfiber mop. To help clean your carpets, run a powerful upright vacuum every few days. Use the attachments to clean up your cat’s carpeted treehouse, pet beds and other favorite areas. In addition to a lint roller, both a damp sponge and masking tape are very good at cleaning up cat hair. Sometimes I dampen my hand and gently pet my kitties to pick up surface hair. They are happy, and the hair that could end up my clothes goes in the trash.

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