My Cat Pees On The Back Door And That’s Not A Euphemism

Learn why a perfectly normal cat would urinate on a piece of your house.

Don't be embarrassed, cat. We will solve this problem. Via Pixabay

Why does my cat like to pee on the back door? I would let him out, but he got in a big fight before and he has no claws. Sarah Simox

Is your cat peeing on the door in addition to using his litter box or to the exclusion of his litter box? If it’s the latter, he could have a urinary tract infection and should be seen by his veterinarian. Sometimes cats pee in inappropriate places to let you know they’re in distress.

If he hasn’t already been neutered, now is the time to talk to your vet about that. Cats that have been neutered are less likely to engage in this behavior.

Since you mentioned his fight, I suspect he’s peeing on the door to mark it as his. He knows there is danger on the other side of the door and he’s stressed out about that. Marking the door is his attempt to let others know this is his house and that they should stay away. Of course, since he’s peeing on the inside of the door, the only cats he’s alerting are the ones that may or may not already be living with him.
• Clean the area thoroughly after each marking. You can use hot water and soap or another household cleaner.
• Also, check your local pet supply store for spray products specifically designed for eliminating cat scent and discouraging future marking.
• Cut off his access to the door. If he can’t get to it to pee on it, he might give up.
• Help your cat de-stress by giving him plenty of cuddle and petting time (if he enjoys those sorts of things).
• Play with him near the door. After awhile he might start thinking of this part of the house as a play zone instead of a danger zone that must be peed on.

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