My Cat Licks My Face. Why?

Your cat can show affection in funny ways. Licking your face might be one of them.

Why do some cats think face-licking is a thing? Via Russ Brown/PublicDomainPictures

Besides for affection, why does my cat lick my face? Breeanna Lehman

There might not be a reason other than affection for your cat’s behavior. Cats lick each other and their people to bond with them and to mark them as their own. Your cat is definitely comfortable with you and thinks you’re cool, otherwise she would keep her tongue to herself. In addition to showing you that she loves you, however, your cat might be revealing something about her kittenhood when she targets you for licking.

Kittens that are weaned before they are ready are more likely to lick and suckle into their adulthood than kittens that spend adequate time with mom. Your cat might remember how nice it felt to be groomed by a cat and thinks you’ll appreciate it, too. It’s also possible that your cat licks your face because it tastes good. My cat tries to lick me every day, as soon as I start lathering my skin with my cocoa-butter-infused lotion.

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