My Cat Licks Everything

Here's the reason your cat licks blankets, doors, shiny book covers ... you ...

Why does my cat lick everything? Blankets, doors, shiny book covers, me.
–Claudia Foguth

This is one of those questions that has many potential answers. You can try asking your cat, but he probably won’t answer.
    •    It’s possible that his diet isn’t satisfying his tastes or nutritional needs; discuss that with your vet.
    •    Your cat is bored and is licking things because it’s something to do. Catnip toys and beribboned wands are obvious choices. He might also like a food-dispensing toy that rewards him with tasty treats.
    •    He was separated from his mother too soon and lost out on some suckling time. He may be trying to recapture his youth.
    •    His sophisticated palate allows him to appreciate the varying tastes and textures of blankets, doors, shiny book covers, people and more.

If he’s licking things you really wish he would leave alone, consider these three options:
    •    Purchase a bitter-tasting deterrent spray.
    •    If you catch him in the act you can redirect his behavior by engaging in play, moving him away from the item or moving the item away from his tongue.
    •    If he’s licking things such as electrical cords, reroute them behind furniture or beneath rugs.

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