My Cat Has Been Vomiting Daily

CatChannel veterinary expert Arnold Plotnick, DVM, discusses care for frequent vomiting.

Q: I have three indoor cats. One has been vomiting partially digested food or just a yellow bile almost every day for the past week. He also seems a little lethargic but it’s hard to tell. Will this most likely pass? The other two are fine.

A: Whether this will pass or not is anyone’s guess, but I wouldn’t wait to see if it does. I would have him checked out by your vet. When cats vomit, it’s usually either a metabolic disorder, or a gastrointestinal disorder. Your vet may want to perform some lab work to see if there’s a metabolic explanation for the vomiting, such as hyperthyroidism or chronic renal failure. If the labwork is normal, your vet may suggest an abdominal X-ray or ultrasound to see if there’s a gastrointestinal disorder.  

If your cat’s symptoms are fairly mild and he seems to be in good shape, your vet may try some conservative therapy first, such as switching to a prescription diet that is bland and non-irritating to the gastrointestinal system, or perhaps a hypoallergenic diet. If this didn’t clear up the problem, further diagnostics would then be necessary to obtain a definitive diagnosis.

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