My Cat Dunks Things in His Dish

How did my cat get the idea to drop stuff in his water?

Not exactly gross, but our cat steals my hair elastics from my gym bag and puts them in his food bowl. Why!?! Margaret Unger

That IS gross. The food my cat, Fergie, likes best is wet and smelly and I’d hate to have to tie my hair back with mackerel-scented elastics.

Cats, unfortunately, do have a reputation for theft, and I think it’s because they’re predators. If your cat stays indoors, which he should, he loses the opportunity to hunt, kill and feast on birds, rodents and the other living things he’d otherwise be able to get his little klepto paws on. Stealing your stuff is the next best thing. Maybe he deposits your hair elastics in his bowl in the hopes that with time they will become tasty and tender enough to eat. Or your cat could just be a jerk and is doing this to annoy you. See video of cats pissing off dogs because they can.

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