My Cat Constantly Grooms and Keeps Losing Weight

CatChannel veterinary expert Arnold Plotnick, DVM, tries to find the explanation for a healthy, older cat's weight and possible skin problems.

Q: My Maine Coon cat has been grooming all over constantly and continuing to lose weight. She had a thyroid and a complete blood test; the only abnormal result that was the calcium. She does not drink excessively, so my doctor has ruled out diabetes. What else could this could be?

A: I need more information to give you a very meaningful answer. If your Maine Coon cat is older, the most common reasons for weight loss would be feline diabeteshyperthyroidism and chronic renal failure. Those would be easily diagnosed with blood tests, and your cat’s blood tests were normal, except for the calcium. 

I can’t comment on the calcium, because you didn’t say if it was too high or too low and to what degree. If your cat continues to lose weight, a gastrointestinal disorder should be considered, such as inflammatory bowel disease or gastrointestinal lymphoma, a type of cancer.  To diagnose this, your cat needs tests such as abdominal ultrasound and perhaps endoscopy. 

As for your cat’s excessive grooming, this too is hard to assess without knowing the degree.  Skin allergies commonly cause overgrooming, although other reasons, such as skin parasites, skin infections and psychological reasons exist.

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