This Terrifying Muzzle Allows You To Turn Your Dog Into A Werewolf

Now you can make your dog look exactly like a vicious werewolf with this absolutely frightening/hysterical muzzle... because, why not?

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Halloween has come early, apparently. Via Krimhl/Reddit
Chrissa Hardy

If you’ve been itching to turn your sweet pup into a terrifying monster, now’s your chance.

Earlier this week, Reddit user Krimhl posted photos of a Russian dog muzzle that resembles the blood-thirsty jaws of a werewolf after an attack. The muzzle is for available for purchase through online retailer Zveryatam in a variety of sizes.

*Shivers involuntarily* Via Krimhl/Reddit

*Shivers involuntarily* Via Krimhl/Reddit

While dressing your dog up in this frightening mask would be perfect for Halloween, it’s definitely guaranteed to freak people out if you use it on everyday walks. Like, a lot. Even on Halloween, passersby are bound to do a double take and pick up the pace a bit.

But even though it’s definitely scary, no dog costume is quite as realistic and nightmarish as this giant spider.


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