MUTTerings With Nikki Moustaki: The Most Photogenic Dogs

Whether or not they are the breed you share your home with, there is something to be said about these picture-perfect pups. See Nikki's top 10 picks for the most photogenic dog breeds.

Being attached by a cyber umbilical cord to the Mother Ship of Facebook gives me a lot of access to the constant flow of photos posted by my dog-loving friends, which make up the lion’s share of my Facebook family.

I have noticed that I appreciate photos of certain breeds over others. It’s not a breed thing – I think it’s a photogenic thing. Some breeds photograph better than others. Here’s my list of the 10 most photogenic breeds – the ones that make me want to reach through the computer screen and hug (or steal) the doggie in the photo.

1. Pugs. Seeing pictures of wrinkled Puggy faces make me want to say, in the highest pitched baby voice possible, “woogieboogieboogie Puggy face, aren’t you the cutest thing EVER?” Usually, the Pug face is tilted at an angle and looks inquisitive, like it wants to ask you the meaning of life, but secretly already knows it. It’s “Pug’s Rule,” in case you wanted to know.

2. English Bulldogs. What is cuter than a Bulldog with a charming under-bite and a baseball cap? Why are English Bulldogs always wearing collegiate baseball caps? Those squeezable jowls! That long strand of drool! Cuteness.

3. French Bulldogs. It seems there’s a theme developing. There’s something adorable about the brachycephalic breeds with their smushed noses and prominent, round eyes. I read that it’s because they are the breeds that closest resemble human babies, so we are naturally attracted to them and want to take care of them. Add the bat-like Frenchie ears and you have a winner.

4. Great Danes. Beautiful, statuesque, impressive . . . and goofy. Their sheer size is impressive. I’m partial to photos of Great Danes next to Chihuahuas. Those are the best.

5. Basset Hounds. It’s all about the ears. The longer the ears, the more I want to squeeze them (in an appropriate way).

6. Shar Pei puppies. I have to qualify that I think that the puppies in this breed are particularly photogenic. When they grow out of the wrinkles I’m not as charmed (though I do like the breed in general). How cute is that wrinkly cliché of a dog that looks more like a rug than a puppy? Just makes you want to hug it.

7. Boston Terriers. Here we go with the flat faces and the big eyeballs again. I can’t help it. They are so cute in their little tuxedos.

8. Schnauzers. I would be remiss if I left out Schnauzers, since it’s my breed. Maybe they aren’t particularly photogenic (or perhaps they are), but I adore each and every one that I see, especially when they’re un-groomed – a Schnauzer in a puppy cut is adorable.

9. Lab puppies. What’s cuter than a basket full of Labrador Retriever puppies. Not much.

10. Old English Sheepdogs. “Hey puffywuffyscruffy cotton facey, where are your eyeballywallys?” That’s what comes over me when I see a photo of an Old English Sheepdog. I want to thrust my fingers into that coat and drive the owner nuts by messing up that perfect groom. I don’t care! Don’t have such a cute dog if you don’t want me mussing him up.


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