MUTTerings: Are You a Crazy Dog Lady?

Do you consider yourself a crazy dog person? Do other people consider you a crazy dog person? Take the test!

I recently saw a quote on a friend’s Facebook wall that read: I’d rather be known as the “crazy dog lady” than a “people person.” Because I may have lost my mind, but I found my soul.

I wondered how many of my other Facebook friends felt that way? I say “Facebook friends” because my Facebook life is very different from my “real” life. In “real” life I don’t have that many close friends who are “crazy dog ladies.” But on Facebook I have a ton of them – and I include myself in that lucky group.

Then I started thinking… what makes someone a “crazy dog lady” or a “crazy dog guy?” When is that particular line crossed? Is it so crazy to care for your dogs like they are members of your family? Is it crazy to think that sometimes (or most of the time) dogs are superior to people in a lot of ways?

Here are some of the lines that I’ve crossed that perhaps put me into the realm of “crazy dog person.” See how many of these apply to you.


You might be a “crazy dog person” if:

So, I guess I have lost my mind, but I definitely found my soul – and it’s made of three furry creatures named Pepper, Pearl and Zoey. There were others before them and I’m sure there will be others in the future.

How many did you say yes to? Have you crossed the line into “crazy dog person” mode? How so? I’d love to hear from you! At least it will make me feel like I have company.


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