Muttbombing: Rescue Dogs Photobomb

People often recommend visualizing your own success. What about Photoshopping yourself next to Kim Kardashian? That might work too -- if you're a rescue dog.

If you log into Instagram you are bound to see a “selfie” or twenty. Gone are the good old days of asking a kind stranger to take your photo. It seems no one with a digital camera can resist the urge to take photos of themselves. Call it convenience or vanity, “selfies” as the name implies are generally self-serving — until now.

In an effort to spread awareness of adoptable pets, a Dallas rescue group, Dallas Pets Alive! is turning selfish into selfless by Photoshopping available shelter dogs into people’s photos. From local residents to celebrities, no “selfie” is safe from the new trend of Muttbombing!

The #muttbombing initiative is part of a platform created by Dieste, Inc. The campaign, features real dogs that are available for adoption. Many of the photos have gone viral, increasing awareness of the adoptable pets and helping many to find homes.

“When it comes to finding homes for shelter pets, you have to really get creative,” says DPA Executive Director Leslie Sans. “We’re trying to show a different side of our pets through a fun and virtual interaction.”

Check out the celebrities and a few of our photobomb favorites:

Rescue Dog Muttbombing Kim Kardashian


Muttbomb Jimmy Fallon


Rescue Dog Muttbombing Miley Cyrus





Rescue Dog Muttbombing


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