Must A Ferret Have A Ferret Friend?

Is it better to have more than one ferret?

Q: We have beautiful 1-year-old female ferret named Aurora. Some people told us we need more than one ferret or it will die of being lonely. Our ferret appears to be well-adjusted, and we spoil her. She also has a captive audience with my daughter and husband. Is the death-from-loneliness claim really true? Our ferret is not caged and has free reign in a ferret-proof home.

A: A ferret certainly will not die from loneliness as long as she is kept physically healthy and mentally healthy through enrichment and appropriate ferret interactions.

Ferrets do well with other ferrets, though, and often keep each other entertained when you are busy. Ferrets often curl up next to each other to sleep, so a second ferret is never a bad idea.

If you plan to add a ferret at some point, choose a ferret of a similar age to your current ferret. Do this sooner rather than later so your ferret learns to be social with ferrets and not just humans.

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