Street Performer Ends Up Playing Guitar For Crowd Of Kittens

A group of kittens in Malaysia gathered around a street musician and listened intently.

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Who knew cats were such music lovers?
Chrissa Hardy

So it turns out that cats are actually great listeners, especially when it comes to live music.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Sami Hussein, a street performer in Malaysia is playing guitar when four tiny kittens take a seat and become the perfect audience.

They sit right at his feet and are entranced by the song he’s singing.

Via Sami Hussein/YouTube

Too bad they aren’t good tippers. Via Sami Hussein/YouTube

And their little heads are craned back and tilting along with their amazement. The singer even smiles as he acknowledges his unique crowd of listeners.

Via Sami Hussein/YouTube

But they seem to be enjoying it! Via Sami Hussein/YouTube

Does he have catnip in his pocket? Does he have a cat at home that the kittens can smell on his jeans?

Via Sami Hussein/YouTube

We’ve found the true Cat Whisperer. Via Sami Hussein/YouTube

Or are they just big music fans in tiny, furry bodies?

Who knows. And who cares? It’s endlessly cute.

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