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A list of museums that feature bird exhibits.

Bird Exhibit in California

The Australian Museum
6 College Street Sydney, NSW 2010 Australia
(+612) 9320 6000

Bird Exhibition: Permanent Exhibit
The Bird Exhibition features a bird gallery of native bird species and includes a general introduction about the birds arranged in families. Visitors can listen to the different bird sounds, look at fossils, and learn about the biology of birds. At the Bird Activity Station, guests can touch bird specimens to learn the different characteristics of each species.


Pratt Museum
3779 Bartlett Street, Homer 99603
(907) 235-8635

SeeBirdCam: Alaskan Seabirds on Gull Island in Kachemak Bay: Interactive Exhibit
Visitors can control the remote camera, located in the Marine Gallery, to view a live feed of eight bird species nesting on Gull Island between the months of May and September. Some of the seabird species include kittiwakes, puffins and gulls.  The live feed is available through the online exhibit “Wild Video Cameras?on the Pratt Museum web site. 


Museum of Craft and Folk Art
51 Yerba Buena Lane, San Francisco, 94103
(415) 227-4888

San Bernardino County Museum
2024 Orange Tree Lane, Redlands 92374
(909) 307-2669

Bird Galleries: Permanent Exhibits
The upper level of the museum is occupied by the Water Bird and Land Bird galleries. The exhibits feature a variety of North American bird species and bird nests and eggs from Baja California, Mexico up through the coasts of Alaska. Visitors will be able to identify bird species through habitats and listen to bird songs through interactive exhibits.


The Denver Museum of Nature & Science
2001 Colorado Blvd. Denver, 80205
(303) 322-7009

Bird Galleries: Permanent Exhibits
Visitors can see exotic birds from the north and south Americas and learn about the preservation of their natural habitats in the Birds of the Americas exhibit. The Northern and Rare Birds exhibit features the migrating nesting colonies of birds off the Alaskan coastlines, and extinct or endangered bird species including passenger pigeons and the California condor.

The Laughing Parrot Gallery
239 E. 4th Street, Loveland, 80537
(970) 278-0233


Sternberg Museum of Natural History
3000 Sternberg Drive, Hays, 67601
(877) 332-1165

Bird Exhibits: Permanent Exhibits
The Birds with a Bite exhibit features fossils of bird species that were common in Kansas during the Cretaceous period. Visitors can walk through the diorama that shows the birds as they would have appeared in life. Fossilized eggs and bird track specimens are on display in the Exploring Earth Sciences gallery.


The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art
909 South Schumaker Drive, Salisbury, 21804
(410) 742-4988

Bird Galleries: Permanent Exhibits
The Ward Museum features over 3,000 displays of wildfowl art. Visitors will see wildfowl environments in the Habitat Theatre, decorative wood sculptures, paintings and hand crafted decoys. The Art Lamay and Welcome galleries feature changing exhibits, classes and workshops all year long.


Museum of Science
Science Park, Boston, 02114
(617) 723-2500

A Bird? World: Permanent Exhibit
Visitors will learn how to identify birds by song and flight patterns at the A Bird? World exhibit. It features interactive activity centers that allow guests to solve mysteries by identifying birds through feathers and footprints, attend a live bird presentation, and observe bird habitats.


The Bell Museum
University of Minnesota campus
10 Church St. SE, Minneapolis, 55455
(612) 624-7983

Bird Dioramas: Permanent Exhibits
Visitors will see dioramas featuring birds in their natural habitats from Minnesota and from around the world. The exhibits show facts on the bird species behavior and survival tactics. The museum also hosts birding events including field trips and the annual Minnesota Ornithologists Union Conference.


American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, 10024
(212) 496-3409

Bird Halls: Permanent Exhibits
This museum dedicates several halls to understanding avian species from around the world. View dioramas in the Whitney Memorial Hall of Oceanic Birds and discover the birds and the diverse habitats that they live in from the Pacific and Southern polar oceans, or learn which birds are New York City natives.

Museum of the Earth
1259 Trumansburg Road (route 96), Ithaca, 14850
(607) 273-6623

Bird exhibits: Permanent Exhibits
Visitors can view about 20 bird species from around New York state in the Evolution Process exhibit. The Biodiversity and Extinction exhibit features bird specimens that are extinct or endangered. Bird species in this exhibit include a Carolina parakeet and a passenger pigeon. Visitors can see two Archaeopteryx casts and flip through a book on the discovery of Archaeopteryx fossils and learn about the evolutionary history of birds in the Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Tertiary Periods Audio Visual gallery.


The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
University of Oklahoma campus
2401 Chautauqua Avenue, Norman, 73072
(405) 325-4712

Natural Wonders gallery: Permanent Exhibit
The exhibit features dioramas of Oklahoma birds in their natural habitats. Visitors can hear bird songs in the Ozark highland diorama and walk through the mixed-grass prairie diorama searching for wildlife.


Carnegie Museum of Natural History
4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, 15213
(412) 622-3131

Section of Birds: Permanent Exhibit
The exhibit features 195,000 bird specimens, including 180 extinct bird species. Visitors can hear bird songs in the Discovery Room, and explore avian research and examine habitats through interactive exhibit features in the Powdermill Nature Reserve.

The North Museum of Natural History and Science
400 College Avenue, Lancaster, 17603
(717) 291-3941

Bird exhibits: Permanent Exhibits
The exhibit features a collection of over 1,200 bird species including the endangered ivorybill woodpecker and Andean condor.  

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