Munchkin The Dog Is The Ultimate Ewok Impersonator

Meet Munchkin, the teddy bear/dog who plays the role of Ewok better than anyone.

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Nailed it.

When it comes to fan girls and boys, there’s no following quite as strong or loyal as those for “Star Wars.”

In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by Munchkin the Teddy Bear, a dog named Munchkin blows the roof off of every previous attempt at Ewok cosplay you’ve ever seen. The video features Munchkin in her bear suit, set in a backyard “far, far away,” and her tiny little Ewok-clad body running toward the camera. The level of cuteness shown here is OFF. THE. CHARTS.

Something tells me she'd be a big hit at Comic Con. Via YouTube

Something tells me she’d be a big hit at Comic Con. Via YouTube

Munchkin is already an Internet star, and is known as Munchkin the Teddy Bear, as she often dressed in a teddy bear suit that almost matches the color of her fur. She has an extremely strong following on Facebook, Twitter and Vine, and has been featured in many news segments.

Check out more of her antics here.

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