Mr. Mom Rottweiler Helps Homeless Kitten Trio

Abandoned kittens in New Zealand got a big adoptive dad.

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Rowdy Rotti Mother. Via Bay Of Plenty Times
Anastasia Thrift

A 110-pound male Rottweiler named Bear is earning another name: Mama Bear.

The big dog has stepped in as dad and protector of three homeless newborn kittens in Tauranga, New Zealand, according to the Bay Of Plenty Times. After finding the kittens under a freeway, a kind stranger took them to a vet’s office, whose staff went online to ask for a foster family.

Chelles McIntosh agreed to take them in, and that’s when she noticed her dog Bear’s fondness for them. For instance, he apparently likes to lick 2-week-old Inky, Pinky and Ponky clean whenever they finish their meals.

“Bear is an absolute mother hen when it comes to babies,” McIntosh told the news outlet. “He just has such a kind, loving nature about him.”

McIntosh, a dog trainer, added that Bear sensed he had to be gentle with the kittens and love them. He has also started sleeping outside the bedroom door and letting McIntosh know when the kittens start meowing.

“He comes and finds me when they are crying,” she told the Times. “It’s just him being a typical Rottweiler that hasn’t been raised to be aggressive… and would be a wonderful mother except he doesn’t have the right bits.”

Right bits or not, Bear is an ideal mother.

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