Move Over, Cats; Sugar Gliders Are Taking Over Instagram

Social media may never be the same.

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No wonder sugar gliders are making their way all over social media; look how cute they are! Via daiwasuka_retto/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Sugar gliders need friends, special diets and more, often making them high-maintenance kinds of pets. And high-maintenance beings often have strong social media presences. Sugar gliders caught wind of this and are now making their move to take over Instagram. Take a look:



????_(-?-`_)?)_ ? #???????? #??????? #?????????? #sugarglider
A photo posted by ????????? (@daiwasuka_retto) on



Someone should ?caption this?, because I. Can’t. Even. ?????#captionthis #fattymcfats ??????
A photo posted by @sugar_flavored on


It’s only a matter of time before sugar gliders completely take over social media.

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