Mouse Handling Tips

Use these mouse handling tips to interact with your small pet.

When mice are tame, they are easy to handle. Some will crawl right onto your hand. Others can be lifted gently around the middle and placed in your other hand. In some cases, you may need to grasp the mouse by the base of the tail with one hand while slipping your other hand underneath it for support.

You may also need to scruff your mouse to get a good grip on it. This involves grasping the skin on the back of its neck with your thumb and forefinger. However, it’s much easier on the mouse if you can coax it to crawl onto your hand using food, or pick it up gently by the middle.

Before you attempt to handle a new mouse, help your small pet get used to you so it isn’t afraid. Start by spending time near the cage so it gets used to seeing you. Talk to it in a soft voice. Continue this for a few days or longer until your mouse no longer hides when it sees you approach or when you put your hand in the cage.

Next, start feeding it treats by hand. At first, your mouse may stretch its neck out to take the treat and then run away. Eventually, it may stay close by while eating it. In time, your small pet may put its paw on your fingers when taking the treat, and sit right near your hand as it eats. Once your mouse is this comfortable with you, you can try picking it up.

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