Mouse Expectations

Get to know the delightful mouse.

mouse articleMice are small, inexpensive pets that give big rewards in terms of enjoyment. With their short life span, you have a short commitment, but like most mouse owners, once you have them, you won’t want to give them up.

In the wild, mice live in burrows and various hiding places during the day, protected from daytime predators. They come out during the evening hours to forage for food. Mice naturally live in colonies and are parts of larger groups. When keeping mice for pets, meeting their needs makes for a much more enjoyable relationship. 

Male Versus Female
When choosing pet mice, sex makes a big difference. Even though mice are colony animals, do not keep more than one male housed together — males will fight, sometimes to the death (if not to the death, then to much injury and emotional trauma). It is very rare to have more than one male mouse living in harmony with a brother or a father.

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