Mouse Cage Accessories and Toys

Provide a variety of toys and accessories to entertain your mice.

Mice need stimulation in their environment, and you can provide this for them with a variety of cage accessories and toys.

Be sure to stock your mouse’s cage with a solid-floored exercise wheel, tubes for tunneling, an unpainted and untreated piece of wood or safe chew toy, and places to climb, including swings, ropes and ladders.

Some mouse owners let their mice play in a large plastic hamster cage containing tubes and ladders. Mice enjoy these playgrounds, and can be allowed to spend a couple of hours a day playing in them. Don’t allow the mouse to live in this enclosure however, because they may gnaw through the plastic.

Be sure to provide your mice with surfaces for gnawing such as wooden blocks, wicker baskets and other chew toys available from pet stores. Mice need hard surfaces to chew on to keep their teeth worn down to a healthy level.

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