Mother’s Day – Gone to the Dogs

This Mother’s Day one of my regular pet-sitting clients asked me to spend the day with her son and daughter’s four dogs. How could I pass up the opportunity to earn a little money while playing with four active pooches: a young Golden boy, Dylan; Fido, a black Lab; Gizmo, a cute Aussie; and Goober, a yellow lab. Let me assure you I took my own mom out on Saturday, so she didn’t miss out on her Mother’s Day celebration.

Fido and Goober greeted me with enthusiasm when I got to their house. My feet were especially appealing to them and they gave them lots of kisses. Soon, Dylan and Gizmo (the cousins) arrived. Then, bedlam ensued.

Imagine the energy level of four young dogs. They ran outside and chased each other all over the yard. Then they ran inside, up and down the stairs, around the furniture and back outside. I followed them outside and played fetch with them for a while.

Around noon, Fido and Goober had lunch. They each got a cup of food and it was gone in ten seconds flat. I’ve never seen an animal eat so fast. I blinked and it was gone. We all went back outside for a potty break and to run off some more energy.

My plan worked and the dogs were soon ready for a nap. They were so cute all sleeping together in a bunch. If I stood up, they woke up and started playing again, so I decided to sit and watch a movie and let them rest.

The dogs shared all their toys and often two dogs had hold of the same toy. They were adorable running around the house like that. Dylan and Gizmo were especially sweet with me and would come put their heads under my hands for pets. 

When their parents came home, the dogs woke up from another nap but after a quick greeting, all were flopped out on the floor again. They were totally pooped from their Mother’s Day antics.

I hope all you doggie moms out there had a great Mother’s Day like I did and got lots of doggie kisses!

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