Mother Rabbit Attacks Snake That Hurt Her Babies

This video caught both sad and heroic moments after a mother rabbit takes on a snake that killed at least one of her babies.

Forget the wrath of a woman scorned, fear the wrath of a mother rabbit who finds you hurting her babies. A black snake found this out the hard way. It likely thought it had found an easy meal when it happened upon a nest of baby rabbits. It was in the process of killing them all when the mother rabbit returned to find her babies under attack. She jumps on the snake and one baby gets away. 

The circle-of-life drama was caught on camera, with brief exclamations being made by some children and adults who witnessed it all. It was posted to YouTube on June 18, 2015 by user Ramakanth p and already has more than 1 million views.

The startled snake retreats as the rabbit pounces again. The mother rabbit takes a moment to check her nest before continuing the attack. It appears that at least one baby is dead. She launches at the snake again. The thin body of the snake makes it difficult to grab, but the rabbit tries to tear into it with ferocity. The snake is definitely on the retreat, but the rabbit is having none of it. She continues to chase him and even drags him off a wall. It looks like the snake bites her and she does a backflip kick and disappears from view. But a moment later she is back to harass that snake. He killed at least one of her babies, so I’m rooting for her, and so are the children heard in the video. 

Comments on the video often ask a few of the same questions: what kind of snake was it, will the mother die from the bite and where was this filmed. David A. Steen, a snake expert and assistant professor at Auburn University’s Museum of Natural History, was able to answer at least two. He told The Dodo that it as a nonvenomous black rat snake. That means the mother rabbit won’t die of poisoning.

That snake was pretty long, so the rabbit was flirting with death herself when she attacked the snake. As the children in the video say, “Go bunny!” and “Go Mr. Bunny, kill that snake. Bite. Bite that snake.”

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