Most Outrageous Bird Video Contest Finalists

Mag Rack TV announces the top five finalists in their outrageous bird contest.

Mag Rack Outrageous Bird Contest FinalistFive finalists were selected for Mag Rack TV network’s Most Outrageous Bird Video Contest. Bird-lovers can vote for their favorite finalist from December 12 to 22, 2006.

The finalists are:

Cupid Shoots Hoops – A Moluccan cockatoo from Toronto, Ohio, slam dunks a basket ball every time.
Chili’s Tantrum – Watch this jenday conure from Yucaipa, California, go crazy and make a mess at its food dish.
Tongo’s Talkin – This African grey from Southhampton, Pennsylvania, bosses around the dog and sings an original tune called “Got the Beak.”
Bird Tricks – An Indian ring-necked parakeet from Bradenton, Florida, shows off for the camera with a perfect hole-in-one putt on the golf green to rolling over.
Jumping Peacock – This Peacock from Minden, Iowa, shows that peacocks can do more than just strut around looking pretty.

Mag Rack's Outrageous Bird Contest FinalistThe bird voted most outrageous in the “Viewers Choice” and “Celebrity Choice” categories will win a $1,000 prize. Bird enthusiasts can vote once a day for their favorite video to choose the “Viewers Choice” winner. A celebrity panel, led by Mag Rack’s “The Pet Shop” host Marc Morrone chooses the winner for the “Celebrity Choice” prize. . The “Celebrity Choice” prize will be awarded based on originality, creativity and appropriateness to contest theme.

Go to to vote on the top five video finalists. Final winners will be announced the day after Christmas on the Mag Rack website.


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