Most Cat-Friendly Cities

See the best places to live in the United States if you have a cat, according to a rental property analysis.

In honor of National Pet Month in May, Trulia, the real estate website, has selected the top 25 cities for pet-friendly rental opportunities. According to the site, more than 70% of apartment renters own pets — and two-thirds of pet parents report trouble finding a place to live.

To find America’s top 25 pet-friendliest cities, Trulia considered several things:

•    Most Pet-Friendly Landlords
Beacause finding an apartment that allows pets is crucial, Trulia’s located rental listing markets with the highest percentage of rental listings that allow cats, small dogs or large dogs.

•    Least Expensive Pet Fees
Cat-owning renters also encounter added fees charged by landlords. To find how much extra rent you’ll need to pay, Trulia calculated the average pet deposit, pet fee and pet rent in each market using Trulia’s rental listings.

•    High Concentration of Pet Stores and Services
Trulia’s neighborhood amenity map located rental markets with the highest concentration of pet store or services, including vets, groomers and dog walkers. *

“Pets are part of people’s families so many pet owners make it a priority to find a place that accepts their furry friend,” says Ralph McLaughlin, Trulia’s housing economist. The company helps users find rentals by offering cat-friendly filter options on the rental page.

The top 25 pet-friendly cities for renters are as follows:

1.    San Francisco
2.    Seattle
3.    Denver, Colo.
4.    Oakland, Calif.
5.    Portland, Ore.
6.    Chicago
7.    St. Louis
8.    New York City
9.    Dallas
10.    San Diego
11.    Phoenix
12.    Philadelphia, Penn.
13.    Cambridge, Mass.
14.    Boston, Mass.
15.    Newark, N.J.
16.    Los Angeles
17.    Riverside-San Bernardino, Calif.
18.    Atlanta
19.    Orange County, Calif.
20.    Minneapolis-St. Paul
21.    Miami
22.    Tampa-St.Petersburg
23.    Houston
24.    Washington, D.C.
25.    Baltimore

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