Most Adorable Rescue Family Ever Is Made Up Of 4 Dogs, 2 Ducklings And A Cat

Meet Roxy, Edith, Rosie, Jake, Mia, Donald and Gertrude.

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The happy family posing for a photo on the deck. Via 88kncorbett
Cari Jorgensen

It seems that, more often than not, families include pets. A family of four might mean a couple has two dogs. For one Missouri-based couple, their family of nine includes seven – yes, seven – pets: two Pit Bulls, two Terriers, two ducklings and a cat.

Kasey and Blake Boggs have been rescuing animals for almost 10 years, BarkPost reports, starting with Roxy, the then 3-month-old Toy Fox Terrier.

Pit Bulls Rosie and Jake soon followed.

Then there’s Rat Terrier/Italian Greyhound mix Edith, who rounds out the dog count at four.

The adventuresome kitty named Mia loves hiking with her family.

And as if those five weren’t a fantastic enough family, the Boggs decided to add a couple of ducklings to the brood. Meet Gertrude and Donald.

The seven animals are great together, as seen on their Instagram account. Check out the happy family.

Family Portrait No. 1

Uh-oh, someone’s not looking at the camera.

Family Portrait No. 2

Just chillin’.

Family Portrait No. 3

You can’t have a family photo without matching outfits.

Family Portrait No. 4

“Which camera do we look at?”

Family Portrait No. 5

Well, that’s a shady picture.

Family Portrait No. 6

This group is so intellectual.

Family Portrait No. 7

Cutest family ever.

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