Morena Baccarin Is Thankful for Dog Rudy

The "V” actress adopted her dog several years ago after a painful breakup.

Morena Baccarin plays an alien leader on the hit sci-fi drama “V,” but in real life the Brazilian-born actress says it’s her Löwchen Rudy who reigns No. 1.

“Every day I’ve been so thankful I got him,” Baccarin told People. “He’s the sweetest little guy. He doesn’t bark. He doesn’t chew [on things]. Sometimes I want to get more.”

Baccarin’s love affair with the dog began several years ago after a painful breakup.

“I went to the Santa Monica [Calif.] pound and friend of mine convinced me to get him,” Baccarin says. “I thought he was a mutt, but he’s a purebred from Germany that was bred to be a lap dog for royalty.”

Baccarin, who also starred in “Firefly,” splits her time between New York City and Los Angeles, and says cooking helps her relax.

“I love to get random recipes and try them. I cook very few things twice,” she says. “Saveur magazine is my favorite magazine, and they have simple and unusual recipes I like to try.”

“V” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC throughout November.

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