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Q. What kind of caging/flights do you house your birds in?
A. Because of Victoria’s mild climate, I try to keep my birds in indoor/outdoor caging interconnected through plastic pipes that run through the outside walls I keep the lories and hanging parrots indoors in plastic-lined, plywood cages built over washtubs plubmed to the sewer system.

Q. What species are you most concerned about regarding its future?
A. Lories. They are a challenging bird to keep and so many species are only found in very limited locations in the wild, such as small islands in the south Pacific.

Q. What do you still want to learn?
A. Better ways to allow people to keep birds with greater success and enjoyment

Q. Has there been a specific bird that has made the biggest difference, impression or connection with you?
A. My pet black lory has had a number of health problems requiring a lot of vet care, yet he is still the friendliest bird I have ever owned.

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