More WCW Pussycats

Meet other wrestlers with soft spots for cats.

Bret Hart: Striped and furry, Smokey, 1½, is long and skinny. “She reminds me of a weasel,” Hart says. She’s also my biggest fan.” Hart has a hunch Smokey is a lot smarter than the average cat. “In fact, she is fluent in seven languages – English, French, Portuguese, Lebanese, Greek, German and Nigerian,” he says. That’s almost one language for each of her nine lives.

Diamond Dallas Page: Page and his wife Kimberly’s first priority when they moved into their house was to install cat doors in many of the rooms, including the screened sun porch, so Sophie, 8, and Spooki, 3, could come and go as they please. Both cats were adopted from the humane society where Kimberly volunteers. Spooki got her name because she’s black with orange eyes and arrived on Halloween. Sixteen-pound Sophie is strictly a mama’s girl, while Spooki loves men in general, Page in particular.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan: Laurel, 7, and Hardy, 3, are identical Calicos. Laurel is the biggest, at 8 pounds, and Hardy is weighs 5 pounds. The two are inseparable pals that get along well with the dogs in the Duggan household, and “run the house,” Hacksaw says.

Ernest “The Cat” Miller: This former cat owner calls himself The Cat, and has a Tae-Bo videotape on the market called Cat-Bo.

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