More to Love, More to Wash: Fat Cat Gets Bath and Feels Awesome

Video: this cat can't get enough of his scrub-down.

"Bathe me, love me."


Posted by ?????????????????? on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Grumpy may have the scowl down pat, but Jonny the Chubby Cat has bathtime down to a science. Since appearing in a newly-viral video, the tubby feline has become the unofficial poster kitty for cats the world over, proving that bathtime isn’t really that bad.

Watch Jonny get a major scrub down above, wherein he not only accepts the suds and bubbles, but seems to be hypnotized by his scrub-a-dub regimen.

Do your cats accept bathtime like Jonny, or do they lash out when it’s time to lather up?

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