More Than Just A Kiss

Although my birds have never fully regurgitated to me (my Amazon used to occasionally bring up food in front of me, only to eat it again himself), I’ve heard plenty of stories of parrots bent on ordering a “little something extra special” up from the crop to offer to their favored person. Yuck, right?

We’ll, I just read an interesting scientific theory about the origin of kissing.  Apparently, our early ancestors might have used a type of “regurgitation” to feed infants. “Mothers may have chewed food and passed it from their mouths into those of their toothless infants. Even after babies cut their teeth, mothers would continue to press their lips against their toddlers’ cheeks to comfort them.”

Funny to think that weaning for our ancestors was so similar to how birds wean. I suppose that makes today’s Gerber jars the equivalent of hand-feeding formula.

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