More Than 150 Beagles Rescued From Testing Facility In India

The dogs are believed to have never been released from their cages, felt sunlight or been bathed.

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All 156 Beagles will soon be available for adoption. Via CUPA/Facebook

A rescue organization in Bangalore, India, has saved 156 Beagles from a testing laboratory in the city, and it is eagerly trying to find new homes for each of the dogs.

Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA), along with its foster partner, Hotel for Dogs, will be working to rehabilitate the animals before allowing them to be adopted by loving families — and before allowing them to be held, touched and cared for, for what is believed to be the first time in their lives.

The Beagles are being released from the pharmaceutical laboratory because the facility was not able to get government permission for live testing, Deccan Herald reports.

“Luckily these dogs have not been tested upon,” Chintana Gopinath, a volunteer at CUPA, told Homegrown. “They were being bred for testing while the company was waiting on project approvals, and the directive was issued before any experiments were actually conducted.”

According to CUPA, the dogs, which range in ages from 2 to 5 years old, have lived in cramped cages, are known only by numbers and have never experienced any kind of human interaction.

“Due to lack of exposure to the outside world, they need to learn every little nuance of living in a home — using the stairs, toilet training, coming up to people for a cuddle, going on walks or even playing with a toy,” CUPA wrote on Facebook. “They need names, a real identity. From past experience we know that with lots of patience and understanding, they all learn to become much loved companion animals despite where they come from.”

The first 42 beagle were released from the facility earlier this week. Via CUPA/Facebook

The first 42 Beagles were released from the facility earlier this week. Via CUPA/Facebook

On Thursday, the first 42 Beagles who were released from the facility reportedly were given the first baths of their lives. Read that again: These animals had never even had a bath before. (“They didn’t seem too thrilled with their first bathing experience,” CUPA wrote).

The dogs have all been vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Anyone who is interested in adopting one of the dogs can fill out an online application but — and this is a big but — prospective Beagle parents must pick their new pet up in Bangalore.

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