More Footage Released Of Deep Blue The Massive Great White Shark

Researcher debuts Deep Blue (The biggest shark ever filmed) second part.

Deep Blue is a massive great white shark, possibly the biggest ever recorded. Screengrab courtesy Mauricio Hoyos Padilla.

Deep Blue, the massive pregnant great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) that made an appearance a few years ago at Isla Guadalupe for Mexican researchers Mauricio Hoyos Padilla and Joel Ibarra, is said to be the largest great white shark every captured on video. And she is a massive specimen.

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Hoyos Padilla, who released the first footage of the big predator in June, released “Deep Blue (The biggest shark ever filmed) second part,” to even more interest. The first video is awe inspiring especially given the fact that the dive master appeared to have been giving the shark a high five, when in fact the dive master was trying to push the shark away from the cage due to the pointy ends of the cage. The DM didn’t want Deep Blue to get injured.

The second footage shows the dive master on top of the cage as Deep Blue ambles by, and then makes an exploratory bump on the cage. The shark shows a few battle scars and Hoyos Padilla laments on his Facebook page that the shark is at least 50 years old and says that protection and conservation efforts are working but there is more to be done.

He urges folks who care about white sharks to donate to Pelagios Kakunja, a non-profit organization that was created to understand the migratory patterns of the marine world’s top predators, including the great white shark. They hope to gain data to better protect white sharks and others at the top of the food chain in the Mexican Pacific. For more information, visit

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