More Dog Food Recalled

One dog food and a cat food were left off a previous recall list.

Menu Foods has announced that two pet food products sold in Canada were mistakenly left off a list of recalled food that was issued earlier this month, but that the products have already been pulled from store shelves.

The products were part of a batch of previously recalled wet cat and dog foods that had been produced with tainted wheat gluten supplied by ChemNutra Inc.

On May 2, Menu recalled a number of products due to the possibility of cross contamination. But on May 22, the company announced it hadn’t realized until recently the omission of two items in Canada that should have been included in the May 2 announcement.

The pet foods that should have been included are:

  • Western Family Canada brand Chicken Cuts/Gravy 624g canned dog food, with the UPC code 62639-19589.
  • Western Family Canada brand Chunks of Chicken/Gravy 374g canned cat food, with the UPC code 62639-19609.

Anyone in Canada who has the products is advised to dispose of them and contact the retailer it was purchased from for a refund.

An updated list of the recalled products, including these additions, is available at the Menu Foods website (

For more information about the dog food recall, visit

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