Moluccan Cockatoo, Lady, To Join Cee Lo Green on The Voice

Lady, a Moluccan cockatoo, will join judge and mentor, Cee Lo Green, on the popular competition show, The Voice.

If you?e followed the music talent show ?he Voice?on the NBC network, you are familiar with musician Cee Lo Green? ?rofessional animal sidekick,?a white Persian cat named Purrfect. Green is one of three mentors on the talent show, and Purrfect was a fan favorite last season.

A new animal is set to debut on ?he Voice,?one that might be a bit more inclined to sing and dance along with contests. In an interview with People magazine, Green revealed that his new animal pal on the next season of ?he Voice?will be Lady, a Moluccan cockatoo, which appears to be quite content sitting on Green? shoulder. No doubt, Lady? debut on ?he Voice?will be a lot of people? first glimpse of a Moluccan cockatoo, and with its beautiful pink plumage and cuddly personality, this Moluccan cockatoo is likely to be new fan favorite. Neither Lady, nor her predecessor, Purrfect, belong to Green. Green emphasized that Purrfect was not a rental and instead referred to the feline as a ?rofessional,?which also appears to be the case with Lady the cockatoo.

Many experienced bird owners are aware that a cockatoo ?an be a whole lot of bird?for the average pet owner, especially those new to parrots and pet birds. Cockatoos have a reputation for needing a bit more pampering than other pet parrot species, and are sometimes referred to as ?elcro birds,?as in insisting on being wherever their people are. However, with proper socialization, a cockatoo can be a great pet companion for those willing and able to set behavior boundaries and the time to devote to this intelligent species. For more about cockatoos, click here.

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