Molly Tops Names of UK Dogs

The name was not even in top 10 five years ago.

The name Molly was the top name chosen for dogs in the United Kingdom in 2006, according to a new survey by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Molly also topped the list of cat names, despite not being in the top 10 of dog or cat names the last time the poll was conducted, five years ago.

The survey, conducted on the RSPCA’s website, was completed by 1,823 people, who owned a total of 6,581 pets – an average of 3.6 pets per owner.

According to the results, the top five dog names were, in order: Molly, Jack, Holly, Max and Buster. Names six through 10 were: Lucy, Jake, Barney, Charlie and Sam.

Among the other results from the survey were that most pet owners (56 percent) got a pet to keep them company, while about 33 percent wanted to rescue an animal. Fifty-four percent of respondents said they have had their pet microchipped.

Also, the majority of cats (55 percent) were acquired for free, the poll says, but the majority of dogs (78 percent) were paid for.

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