Mixed-Breed Puppy Mystery

An animal shelter, a vet, and the breed expert weigh in on the heritage of a mixed-breed puppy.

Q. I have a 5-month-old rescue puppy. The animal shelter thought he was part Bloodhound, but he does not have enough bone under him for that. A vet thought he was part Great Dane, but again, he is not going to be that large. One person said they thought he was a Plott Hound – and he does fit that description pretty well.

He has a brindle color with a black muzzle, and he already weighs about 32 pounds. I still think he is a mixture of possibly Greyhound and Boxer. He has dark reddish brown skin and I wondered if that narrowed down the possibilities of his heritage a bit. Is this dark skin common in dogs? None of the breeds that I have ever had before had dark skin. Thanks for your help with this matter and your love for dogs!

A. His head definitely gives him a houndier look which I why I think your guess of part Boxer and part Greyhound is plausible. Very handsome puppy! And yes, dark skin is quite common. Have fun with him!

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