Mixed-Breed Dogs Take Center Stage in ‘A Breed Apart’

Photographs by Amanda Jones focus on mixed-breed dogs.

If you love the cute, unique, often funny looks of mixed-breed dogs, you’ll love photographer Amanda Jones’ new book, “A Breed Apart,” published by Clarkson Potter.

The black-and-white close-ups of entire dogs, dogs’ faces, and canine body parts make these mutts look every bit as beautiful as the most highly groomed show dog.

Molly, a Pug-Beagle mix who lives in New York, is so darling that Jones includes four photos of her: one of her jumping up (likely for a treat), another with her tongue sticking out ever so slightly, a third has her pleading (again, likely for a treat), and the fourth is a shot of the bottom of her muzzle, so close up that you only see half of it.

Jones captures Houston’s Nita Franchesca licking her chops (most likely after a treat), standing on her back legs with her front legs splayed, and up close with one ear and one set of whiskers showing.

Next is Jackson, a Miniature Pinscher-Pug mix from Brooklyn. He clearly loves his ball. He’s playing with it in two of the photos, and looking quite sad in the third when he doesn’t have it.

Jones pays attention to bigger dogs, too. Tommy, who lives in San Francisco, is a Golden Retriever-Great Pyrenees mix, and Chloe, from Woodstock, N.Y., is a French Spaniel-Border Collie combo.

The photographer tours the country, setting up dates when owners can schedule private photo sessions. But her expertise and ability to get great shots of regular dogs doesn’t come cheaply: it’s $1,100 for a sitting. For information, visit www.amandajones.com.

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