‘Missing’ Dog Appears In Most Surprising Place Ever

After causing his family to worry about his whereabouts, a missing Jack Russell Terrier is found hanging out in the dishwasher.

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"I'm just here for the pre-wash." Via StummDoggBillionaire/Imgur

When you notice that your dog is missing, you’d probably look in all of his favorite places. You’d open the back door and make sure he didn’t sneak out into the yard, check to see if his back legs are sticking out from under the bed or whether he’s hiding in the laundry hamper.

A Redditor’s family presumably did all of that before texting him to say that their 13-year-old Jack Russell Terrier was gone. Twenty minutes later, they found him. In the dishwasher.

This is what the dog looks like when he's not in the dishwasher. Via StummDoggBillionaire/Imgur

This is what the dog looks like when he’s not in the dishwasher. Via StummDoggBillionaire/Imgur

“My dad texts me and says my dog went missing,” the Redditor, named StummDoggBillionaire, wrote. “20 minutes later, he sends me this.”

His dad sent a picture of the dog, hiding in the dishwasher behind a decorative serving tray and a non-stick skillet (and that non-stick pan is the second thing that doesn’t belong in the dishwasher).

“I guess that dish soap couldn’t get Spots out as well as it claimed,” one commenter joked.

You know, that’s just silly enough to make the whole situation worth it.

And at least next time the dog vanishes, his folks will know where to look: somewhere between the breakfast dishes and the dirty spoons.

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