Missing Cats to be Reunited with Family

After having gone missing, two cats were found 1,500 miles from their home.

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Posted by Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network URRKN on Sunday, July 12, 2015

Earlier this year, the cats of pet parent Carrie, out of Fishers, Indiana, were reportedly stolen. She and her five children were already grieving over the deaths of their three senior cats when Leroy and Mayah disappeared, Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network (URRKN) reports. They did as any cat parents did – they worried about the cats’ wellbeing and they wondered if they’d ever see them again.

“I thought about them every day since they went missing,” Carrie said, according to WTHR. “My children and I were so worried and heartbroken because we rescued Leroy and Mayah when they were babies and love them dearly.”

The cats were relinquished to the Animal Humane New Mexico, where they were considered strays. Staff scanned the felines and discovered they were registered to Carrie, who lives 1,500 miles away. Unfortunately, Carrie was unable to travel the distance, due to an upcoming scheduled surgery and lack of funds to have the cats sent to her, WTHR reports. The thought of never seeing her beloved cats again went away once URRKN director Tina LaBlanc heard Carrier’s story, reached out to her and made the offer to transport Leroy and Mayah to her for free.

The cats are en route home and are scheduled to arrive in Indiana and back with Carrie and her family this Sunday, July 12, 2015.

Have any of your cats gone missing and then made their way back to you? Share your story in the comments.

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