‘Missing’ Cat Doesn’t Appear To Be Missing At All

A supposedly lost cat is found sitting beside his own "Missing" poster.

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Found him, guys. Found him! Via kodibramble/Reddit

One of my former coworkers used to have a sign on his door that said, “I’ve gone out to find myself. If I return before I get back, please hold me until I get here.” It was the kind of thing that made my brain hurt until I’d had at least four cups of coffee, but after seeing this cat, I understand it a lot more.

In a photo posted to Reddit last year but making the Internet rounds again, a black and white cat seems to have found himself, right beside the poster that says he’s missing. Either he’s waiting around, trying to collect his own reward money or he lives with the most inattentive owners on the planet.


A photo posted by Brian M. Cassidy (@brian_m_cassidy) on

Cat owners, before you fire up the printer to make those posters, maybe you should look under the bed, under the sofa cushions or, yeah, in the windowsill. Your cat might not be lost; he might just be out trying to find himself.

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