Miss Bun Bun’s Successful Adoption

Not all abandoned rabbits have a happy ending, but Miss Bun Bun of BlueMoon Sanctuary found a family who loves her for who she is.

Miss Bun Bun sitting atop her carrier, a favorite spot. Courtesy of Jeanette Martin

By Rebecca Stout

BlueMoon Sanctuary of DeKalb, Illinois, is an animal rescue run and privately funded by Carrie and Steven Caljkusich. Although the facility has rescued various types of small pets, they specialize in rabbit rescue. They are possibly most notable for the outstanding animal therapy program they offer their community. But first and foremost they are a bunny rescue. And their primary goal is to save lives, rehabilitate animals and give them a forever home.

Jeanette and Steve Martin and their children, 11-year-old Susana and 10-year-old Daniel, are central to one of BlueMoon Sanctuary’s wonderful and successful adoption stories. But the real star of the story is a light cream and tan colored puffball of fur named Miss Bun Bun. She is a Lionhead rabbit with a little attitude who sports some stunning wild hair. And as you will see later, she has some very special talents that set her apart from other rabbits.

mother and children with rabbit
Courtesy of Jeanette Martin
Miss Bun Bun is spending her first Christmas with the Martins, who are mother Jeanette, children Daniel and Susana, and father Steve (not pictured).

Falling Under The Spell Of Miss Bun Bun The Rabbit

It all began in February of 2014 when Jeanette became interested in the sanctuary and its good work. She friended them on Facebook and eventually donated a few blankets. Meanwhile, the Martin children had been asking for a furry pet to snuggle. Although there were many beautiful bunnies who were often featured on BlueMoon Sanctuary website, a perfect storm came together when a photo and video was posted of Miss Bun Bun.

“I don’t know what it was but something at that moment told me that we needed to have that rabbit in our home,” Jeanette said. “She was so cute and fluffy, and I just loved her at first sight.”

Emails were exchanged and soon Carrie and Steve Caljkusich brought Miss Bun Bun to the Martin home for a visit. The visit educated Jeanette about rabbit care, tested how Miss Bun Bun reacted at the home and finished the adoption process, if all went well.

“When Carrie and Steve brought her to my home to meet,” Jeanette said, “I was so overwhelmed with happiness as she hopped around and head butted me — which I have come to find out is her way of saying she wants attention.”

girl holding rabbit
Courtesy of Jeanette Martin
Miss Bun Bun’s adoption was a happy surprise for Susana and her brother, Daniel, as their parents had them thinking they weren’t getting a rabbit.

Planning A Bunny Surprise

Jeanette put a plan in place to surprise her children. She had teased them by showing them photos of Miss Bun Bun online and then told them she was going to be adopted by someone else. Their father, Steve, contributed to the trick by saying they couldn’t get a bunny of their own anyway. But they also told them that they could help the sanctuary and be with the bunnies by going on one of their therapy trips to an elderly care facility. At the end of the day, Marie Caljkusich brought Miss Bun Bun over for Daniel and Susana to hold and to share some interesting information about bunny care. The children drooled over her cuteness. Then at the last minute, Jeanette told them, “Why don’t we just bring her home?” Surprise!

The Martin home is a far cry from where Miss Bun Bun came from. She had been won at a carnival and when she was no longer wanted, the owners were going to dump her outside. Sadly, this is all too common. Which is why places like BlueMoon Sanctuary are needed and adopters like the Martins are vital. Luckily, before Miss Bun Bun met a cruel end, a friend brought the bunny to the BlueMoon Sanctuary.

“Carrie and Steve are some of the most selfless people I know,” Jeanette said. “They take in so many injured and sick bunnies and work tirelessly to give them a happy life for however long that may be. Their patience and love for these animals is heartwarming.”

boy with rabbit
Courtesy of Jeanette Martin
Miss Bun Bun has learned many tricks with clicker training, and Daniel said his favorite is when she grabs her cups and knocks them over.

Life After The Rabbit Adoption

The Martins say that they would be lost without the Caljkusichs. Although it’s 10 months after the adoption, on occasion they still have rabbit questions and concerns. The couple is always there to advise and reassure the Martin family.

“They still provide me with hay for my bunny, and although I try to pay them, they normally refuse,” Jeanette said. “They are not a 501(c)3 and so they pay for everything themselves. That includes hay, pellets, lots of medicine, vet bills and blankets. They do get some donations but I’m sure that in no way covers even an eighth of what they spend out of their own pocket.”

Today you will find Miss Bun Bun romping around the Martin home by day and in a cozy bed in her roomy pen by night. Jeanette would like for everyone to understand that although bunnies are difficult to resist, they are not a pet for everyone. They require special care and they are not meant to sit in a cage day after day. They need plenty of space to run and jump.

rabbit by cups
Courtesy of Jeanette Martin
Knocking over cups on cue is just one of the tricks Miss Bun Bun has learned.

Miss Bun Bun’s Special Talent

Ah, but remember that I told you that Miss Bun Bun is a very talented bunny? She does much more than run and jump around the home. The Martins used clicker training and successfully taught their wild-haired bunny eight tricks in less than a month, and she is still learning more. She can dash through tunnels, knock over towers of cups, spin in circles and do more on command. Despite the elaborate tricks, it’s the simplest ones that are the family favorites.

“I like when she grabs onto the cups and knocks them over,” Daniel said.

For Susana, two other tricks are favorites.
“I love it when she stands on her hind legs or is binkying around the house.”

What is surprising to me is that Miss Bun Bun wants to perform and learns her tricks so quickly. Why? Because I am told that she is quite the little diva. She is very independent and is left to call the shots during interaction with the family. Alas, don’t confuse the lack of an easy-going and cuddly temperament of an animal with a lack of intelligence or the need for affection.

Today, the Caljkusichs relish the thought that one of their own is so beloved and living the high life. They sit back and look at pictures and watch the videos of the intelligent little bunny running her courses and doing her tricks in her new home. The Martin family is grateful to BlueMoon Sanctuary for saving her life and for introducing them to the joys of owning a rabbit. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that Miss Bun Bun dreams at night of being Godzilla pummeling through her cups and of the endless kisses her new family gives her.

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