Miscellaneous Aquarium Products

Check out the specs of these products that can help you keep a thriving aquarium.

Aquatic Life Intros RO Buddie Aquarium Reverse Osmosis System

RO Buddie
Aquatic Life has introduced a three stage reverse osmosis water purification system that features the carbon and sediment cartridges encased in plastic housings that are part of the filter. Read More>>


ONEdersave’s EcoBio-Block Sports New Beneficial Bacteria

EcoBio Block
ONEdersave announced that its EcoBio-Stones are formulated with new beneficial bacteria to help keep your aquarium water clear. Read More>>


Ocean Presence Technologies’ Underwater Camera

Ocean Presence camera

Ocean Presence Technologies’ 360-degree hemispheric camera (model OPT-09) can record inside of an aquarium. A virtual pan-tilt- zoom function allows the camera to be controlled and viewed over the Internet. Read More>>


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