Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Ferrets Of Them All?

Grooming isn't a chore, it's a time to bond with your ferret and improve its health!

first pages of article: Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Ferrets Of Them All?Grooming your ferrets can be fun and a great bonding moment, or it can be an upsetting experience for you both. Let’s plan the process well so the best results are had by all. 

You’ll find that some tasks are not required as often as others. Most ferrets need their nails done every two to three weeks, cleaning ears is needed perhaps monthly, and bathing is done as little as once or twice a year. Each task varies with the individual needs of each ferret.

The routine you establish can one day become a critical point in the health care of your ferret. With regular handling, you become more aware of any sudden weight loss, the eruption of any skin disorders, fur loss and even parasites. Look at your schedule and locate that time when you are relaxed and not rushed, could it be a lazy weekend morning? Nothing like starting off the day with a cup of coffee and treats for your ferret. 

No two ferrets are alike in personality. You may have an uncooperative ferret, one that is antsy and wiggles right out of your hands, or perhaps you’re working on a rescued ferret that has never been handled and is scared. Expect the unexpected. Later, we’ll also discuss some handling techniques to protect the groomer. 

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