Minnesota High School Yearbook Includes ‘MVPs’ — Most Valuable Pooches

Two beloved service dogs are forever memorialized in Blaine High School's yearbook.

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Two of these things are not like the others.Via Star Tribune

When Carmel and Dakota grow old, they will be able to look back fondly on their high school years. Well, at least their owners will.

The two service dogs at Blaine High School in Blaine, Minnesota, are so important to the campus and its students that for the past several years, they have been pictured in the staff section of the school’s yearbook.

“The yearbook is for everybody,” advisor Jill Farrell told KARE 11, the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis-St. Paul. “Our goal is inclusion and so including the dogs, I think, makes everybody feel like they are a part of the yearbook.”

Caramel is a service dog owned by Rebecca Thomas. Via KARE

Caramel is a service dog owned by Rebecca Thomas. Via KARE

Caramel is a service dog for owner Rebecca Thomas, who teaches American Sign Language at Blaine. Dakota, a certified therapy dog, belongs to Vicky Camacho, a paraeducator in the special education department, reports the Star Tribune.

The dogs reportedly are “paw-pular” with both students and teachers.

Dakota is a certified therapy dog who belongs to Vicky Camacho. Via KARE

Dakota belongs to Vicky Camacho, who brings the therapy dog in to school for the kids to play with and pet. Via KARE

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