Minimalist Cat Art Has Taken Over Reddit And You’ll Never Look At Cats The Same Way

These minimalist cat drawings are hilariously accurate.

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Here's a cat you won't soon forget. Via gangbangkang/Reddit
Chrissa Hardy

You don’t need to be a skilled illustrator to create an unforgettable drawing. And that has never been more true than on Reddit with the current Minimal Cat Art trend.

Inspired by a hilarious doodle by Reddit user gangbangkang, a thread has been created wherein users are submitting photos of their cats in classic cat-like poses, and a simplistic drawing to go along with it. Without the full scene from the photo to go along with the pose, the drawings are spectacularly odd, but that’s just cats being cats, right?

So without further ado…

1. Working On My Beach Bod

Without the full details of the shirt in the drawing, it kinda looks like this cat is missing a few key body parts to, ya know, be alive.

2. Cat Baby Ghost

In the photo, you see a mama cat and her kitten snoozing in matching positions. In the drawing, though, we see a cat that’s about to get seriously haunted by a baby cat ghost that’s somehow attached to its body.

3. All Kinds Of Stuck

The photo clearly shows this cat ridiculously stuck in between two large cushions. But in the drawing, we have an armless, winking cat.

4. Yoga Cat

This is the rare example of the photo of the cat perfectly matching the drawing, with the kitteh in a stretchy pose that makes him or her look 7 feet long.

5. Stairway To Hilarity

Hey, real cat! Hey, drawing of the cat! Where’d your back half go?

6. One-Eyed Snuggler

This one takes the cake in terms of creep-factor, as the drawing looks like a one-eyed monster emerging from a still pond.

7. Cat Snake

We don’t know where this cat’s paws are, but they aren’t in the drawing, or the photo.

8. Playing Dead Like A Pro

What an epic snooze this cat in the photo is taking on a sunny day. But without the sun, or a clear sign of life, the drawing makes this cat look its playing dead better than Meryl Streep ever could.

9. Yes, This Is My Foot

And here we have another uniquely strange cat pose with a foot up for no earthly reason other than to be like, “Hi. Here is my foot.” And the drawing captures that weirdness perfectly.

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