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Meet Frankie, the official cat of the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.

Cat Fancy- Pennsylvania Trolley Museum- August 2011

In a Northeastern museum full of antique streetcars from the American trolley era, one special cat has managed to make himself a key attraction.

Sure, people mainly come to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, located in the rolling green hills of Washington County, outside of Pittsburgh, to ride restored trolleys along the tracks and check out the museum’s vast collection of streetcars. Yet many guests during the past two years have confessed the key reason for their return visits: They want to see Frankie, the museum’s resident cat, again.

Frankie’s  Fans
The brown tabby with rare, seafoam-colored eyes is so outgoing, laid-back and lovable, he easily befriends museum visitors — including groups of school kids, who often tend to spook cats — along with staff members and volunteers. Frankie even has charmed the UPS delivery guy, who inquires about the feline when he delivers packages.

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