Mini Dachshund May Have Reflux Disease

Reduce stomach acid to relieve dog’s symptoms.

Q. My 8-year-old Miniature Dachshund has a sensitive stomach. For the last few months, she sometimes has urped bile five to six hours after eating. She eats heartily, is on Wellness senior kibble in the morning, and a small amount of ground, cooked chicken mixed with raw, pulverized mixed vegetables in the evening. Is there anything I can give her to settle her stomach or balance the acid? I prefer natural versus drugs, but she did respond well to two weeks of sucralfate.

A. Your little Dachshund may have gastric reflux disease. This happens when the lower esophageal sphincter, or valve, that normally closes off at the top of stomach does not stay closed, allowing stomach acids to migrate up the esophagus. This can lead to a very irritated esophagus, retching, belching, and discomfort.
I do not know of any natural remedies for this, but there are several non-prescription medications that will help. You can give Pepcid (10 mg twice a day) to reduce stomach acid. In addition, you might try Nexium (10 mg twice a day), which also decreases the production of stomach acid, and may help keep the valve close at the top of the stomach.
Both of these medications should be safe to use in any dog, but always consult with your veterinarian before giving them to your dog.

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