Millions Tune In to CBS’ ‘Greatest American Dog’

Dogs aim to please owners, humans aim to please judges in new episode of hit show.

Take it from Allan Reznik, one of three judges on the new CBS reality show, “Greatest American Dog” – a one-size-fits-all approach to training dogs does not work. To get a dog to perform crafty tricks, it pays to customize according to a dog’s temperament.

The July 10 premiere of the new reality TV series won its time slot in viewers and key demographics, attracting 9.5 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. An encore presentation aired July 12 and received 2.6 million viewers.

Starting with 12 dog-and-owner teams, the judges eliminate one team per episode. Reznik said the dogs remained cool under pressure, not knowing that a $250,000 prize was up for grabs.

For a stress-free dog training experience, Reznik, DogChannel expert and Editor-at-Large of DOG FANCY offered the following tips:

  • Be respectful of the dog.
  • Remain positive.
  • Provide motivation (food, treats, throw a Frisbee or a ball).
  • Avoid activities that end up frustrating the dog.
  • Keep sessions brief and always end on a happy note.

Reznik will be on DogChannel’s message boards at 10 a.m. PDT on Friday to talk about the latest episode and field questions from visitors about the show.

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