Mighty Ginge Thought to be Britain’s Biggest Cat

The 22-pound cat is known to eat McDonald’s Big Macs.


Ginge was given to Danny Bennett as a gift from a former girlfriend and he had no idea just how big the cat would get. It turns out Ginge grew to be 40 inches in length, 18 inches tall and 22 pounds, according to Mirror. That’s a tad bit larger than other domestic kitties.

“He was just a normal-sized cat back then. I had no idea he would get this big. Every time people came here or we took him to the vet’s people were amazed by how big he was,” Bennett told Mirror. “Trying to control a cat [on a harness and leash] that’s the size of a medium dog is a bit difficult to say the least.”

Bennett added that Ginge may not be the biggest in the world or even in Britain where he hails from, but he comes close – and he also enjoys the occasional burger from McDonald’s as a treat. Even though Bennett says Ginge likes to chase foxes out of the garden and takes the cat for walks (so he’s getting at least some exercise), we wouldn’t recommend giving a cat fast food.

He is a cute cat, though, don’t you think?

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