Microchip And Old ‘Lost Dog’ Flyer Helps Reunite Woman With Dog Missing For 9 Years

Brownie has finally made it home, thanks to new and old technology.

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A photo of Amy Baca with her dog Brownie taken when Brownie was still a puppy. Via Amy Baca/12 News
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An Arizona woman can thank the microchip that was implanted in her dog and a lost dog flyer created nine years ago for getting her dog back after he slipped out the front door of her West Valley, Arizona, home.

Amy Baca’s dog, Brownie, had escaped through the front door of her house nine years ago, after Baca’s mother opened the door to let in a relative. Brownie never came back. The family made flyers and looked for years in the hopes that Brownie would be found. He wasn’t found until someone reported an abandoned dog at a tattoo parlor only five miles from where he disappeared.

Brownie was described as “a dump” by his rescuer. Via Amy Baca/12 News

Brownie was described as “a dump” by his rescuer. Via Amy Baca/12 News

“I never thought I was going to ever see him ever again,” Baca told 12 News Arizona.”It’s incredible… I’m just overwhelmed… mixed emotions… I just can’t believe it still.”

Brownie ended up with a local small-breed dog rescue.

“He was a dump,” Kathy Hamel of Arizona Shih Tzu & Small Breed Rescue told 12 News. “I did not think he would have an owner.”

Hamel quickly found that Brownie was microchipped, however the contact information on the microchip was outdated. Hamel did a little sleuthing and sent an inquiry to Baca on Facebook, asking her if she had missing a dog. Hamel sent a photo and Baca told her that it did look like her dog, Brownie, who went missing so many years ago. Hamel then asked Baca if she could prove that Brownie was her dog. Baca took a photo of an old lost dog flyer that her mother carried in her bag in hopes of one day finding Brownie.

This lost dog flyer helped convince the rescue that had Brownie that he did indeed belong to Amy Baca. Via Amy Baca/12 News

This lost dog flyer helped convince a rescue that one of its dogs was really Baca’s. Via Amy Baca/12 News

Hamel then responded back to Baca that they indeed had Brownie. He is older now, and blind, but he is still a seemingly happy dog.

“I don’t know how much longer he’s going to live but at least he’s going to live his last moments back with his family where he belongs,” Baca told 12 News.

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